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Complaint: I was contacted by Santa Cruz CPS after a complaint was filed about my son’s father doing drugs. When I came in to speak with the worker I verified that he is doing drugs and I had messages from him asking to buy drugs while he had our son. When I told her she completely brushed it off and even had the nerve to tell me to “focus on my DUI”” which had nothing to do with my child or why she called me. I later found out she went to my son’s father’s home

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Address: and he answered in a towel. She did not ask him to get dressed and continued her “”investigation”” at his home while he was in just a towel. This is inappropriate and I don’t understand why she was being so rude to me and wouldn’t even look into my son’s safety when I had solid proof of his father doing drugs. These workers are mostly very young women with no kids of their own. They are clueless as far as raising a child goes and only care about their own social lives. After all this she filed the claim as unfounded

Website: 1400 Emeline ave Santa Cruz, California United States

Phone: which it should not have been

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