Santana Brewer – Crawford, Mississippi Mississippi


Okay where do I start, okay let me start from the time I found out about Miss Santana Brewer from Crawford, Mississippi. He baby’s father called my husband phone and I so happen to answer it . This man told me things that I wasn’t even aware of …from my husband having an affair with this lady and when sleeping with her since before we got married . So I question him about it and he said the man was lying , but some wasn’t adding up because the man knew too much …from my car to his car and his work schedule and when he goes to church . Okay let’s move forward so Friday I found out about his fake Facebook and Instagram page and seen a email account linked to it …I know my husband like the back of my hand (well I thought) and I used his social as the password which was right …I found videos of them having sex outside , abandon houses , at the hotel and in his truck . Oh and I’m currently pregnant with his son . She has known about me since day one and he even took a picture while fucking her with his wedding band on. If you ever come cross this lady tell the side hoe congratulations …..I’m filing for a divorce and let’s see who takes her spot when they get together!

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