Santana Sparks Richlands, Virginia Virginia


So, my husband and I had been together since April of 2009 and married since October 2011. I have 2 kids from a previous marriage and he has one child from a previous drunken night when he was 18. We had been trying to have baby of our own since November of 2012 and had finally conceived on Christmas Eve of 2013. I worked full time as a manager at a local restaurant, he didn’t work. We began staying at his dads toward the end of January because our water at froze at our house. This is when things started to go downhill. He was spending a lot of time at the house at the end of the street. He claimed that it was to get a job or whatever. Anyway, we fought a lot while we were at his dads and after a month we finally got our water fixed and was ready to come back home. Well at least I was. He insisted on staying at his dads. After fighting about it I finally told him that I would just go home without him. He finally decided to come home with me. || From the moment we came back home I could tell something just wasn’t right between us. He didn’t call me as much at work anymore, he would hardly tell me he loved me and he was dropping the kids off with my mom often to go spend time at that house at the end of his dad’s street. He went to this house to play video games and hang out he said. But I was never allowed there and he just seemed so secretive about it. Well after dealing with this for about 3 weeks he finally woke up one morning (March 15th) and told me that he wasn’t happy and that he just didn’t wanna do this anymore. After I sobbed and begged him to stay and work on our marriage he insisted that I take him to his friends house. So I did. || I blew up his phone with texts and phone calls during the first week. A week after he left I started hemorrhaging (14 weeks pregnant) so I called him and he met me at the hospital. They listened to the heart beat and heard a strong heart from the baby. But they still wanted to do more tests to see what was going on. My husband left me sitting on that hospital bed before we even had any answers. I found out minutes after he left that he was seeing a girl named Santana and that he referred to her as his girlfriend! He was already driving her car around and everything. A few days later I found out from him that he had already moved in with this slut! I was furious! During this time he was still coming over to my home and having maritals with me. (Yea I shouldn’t have but I did, I mean I still loved him) He even went with me on vacation with my family and I. He rode out with a couple of his friends and only stayed 2 nights but we had an amazing time together. He had gotten drunk one night and broke down to me crying and telling me that he wanted his life back but he just had gotten too far over his head. But he ended up leaving and going right back home to her! || In May we were still doing the deed anytime we got the chance. May 12 (21 weeks pregnant) I was admitted into the hospital and placed on strict bed rest because they were in fear that the baby was coming very soon due to an incompetent cervix. He was notified and his response was”I’m worried about the baby but she’s grown she can handle this herself” Not one time during my 2 weeks in the hospital did I get a text message or a call from him. I sat in that hospital and cried my eyes out worried about my baby and wondering what I ever did to deserve all this. || When I got out of the hospital the end of May I went to go stay at my moms. I didn’t hear anything from this POS until June 15th and that’s only because my kids wanted to call and wish him a happy father’s day. After that I didn’t hear anything else until the end of July and he started getting the kids some. I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl on August 26th and she was born at 37 weeks completely healthy! He didn’t attend not one doctor appt with me after he left. He said it’s because he didn’t want to hurt”her” feelings! I just found out that she is pregnant! I can’t begin to tell you how disgusted I am that I am still married to that. I just can’t wait until he leaves her sitting there pregnant and alone. Because I know if he’ll do it to his beautiful loving wife he’ll definitely do it to this cum guzzling, ugly skank ho!

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