Santander Clarks Summit Pennsylvania Review


I wish someone had explained all the details of this loan to my wife and I before having purchased this vehicle. So here goes… My gift to anyone considering Santander. BUYER BEWARE!!! Everyone complaining should get together to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against this company. They are CROOKS! We bought a USED 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan for roughly $19,000 in late 2013. It was NEVER explained to us that it was a “SIMPLE INTEREST”” loan. This means that you will be charged interest every day you are late on your loan (Something that we just found out today). Which in our case

is $9.18 EVERY day that we are late (Again

just found this out today). We are furious! NOT AT ANY TIME was any of this explained to us. We have been making the payments late each month (20+ days) and were never told. We were offered EXTENTION’S at times

and also NEVER told that the interest would continue to compound. We have been making payments for almost 2 years now. I have paid over $9

000 and still owe $18

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