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I just rec’d a call from a gentleman (didn’t write his name down darn it) who claimed I took out a payday loan through in 2012 & that I owe $450 but SAR & Associates who has taken over the debt is willing to settle today for the bargain price of $350. I told him all my valid debts were discharged in my Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2013. I told him it is my right to see documentation proving I owe the money in the first place. He said they don’t have access to it. He then said they have sent me a letter and it was returned. I said that is a lie as the last person that called had my address and I’ve never rec’d any kind of notification about anything. Like the others who did receive letters they’re threatening me with taking me to civil court. I think the next time someone from SAR & Associates calls me I’m going to tell them if you produce proper paperwork that I owe this debt I will entertain a settlement. They’d have to produce this paperwork in court anyway so there’s no logical explanation as to why they can’t produce it or send it to me. After reading all the other stories I’m glad I don’t fall for this load of BS anymore.

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