Sara Bryant – Magnolia, Texas Texas


She is the most trashiest. Has no moral or self respect. She knew my man was married and she still had the nerve to talk to him. After the fact she tried to get with his brother, but my sister in law went crazy on her. I never thought my husband of 18 years would of done this to me. He was such a wonderful, caring father. But then all of sudden he left for 9 days- no call, no answer. I was heartbroken, then come to find out he’s playing house with this whore. I mean really she already got her kids taken from her because of the fact she left them home alone for days. She is a herion addict junkie who uses her kids and tries to make people feel sorry for her. And then she uses them until they have nothing else to offer, then she kicks them to the curb like a piece of trash, and moves on. She’s nasty and lazy.  Watch out for her. She is just white trash.

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