Sara Savitt is a rich bitch who traps married men to have se


Sara Savitt is a woman with no dignity, who eyes all the married men around her to jump on them for her sexual needs. She came across this married man in an AA meeting and probably thought of him as her next target. She told him that she was a resourceful woman and that she could help him publish his book. She knowingly engaged him in a writing exercise to start with. She started exchanging texts with him and got closer in a very short while. The texts soon turned into sexting which used to continue for the entire days and nights. This relationship was taken forward by this woman and she turned it into an emotional affair, so much so that she started asking for her rights and about fulfilling her demands. She asked to break off his 25 years old marriage for her. They exchanged these sexts till 2 or 3am in the morning for more than 3 months and this came to a halt only when he was caught. The marriage suffered big time because of this lady and she has no regrets for the same. She supposedly works in the International Anti-Corruption Resource Center and is a typical georgetown rich bitch. She thinks she can have anything she wants and doesn’t like no for an answer. She has absolutely no concern for people she hurts and ruins lives of. Beware of this insensitive crooked woman as she might be eyeing on your guy next!

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