Sarah Bennett – El Dorado, Arkansas Arkansas


Sarah Bennett moved back to the El dorado area about a year ago after claiming her husband raped her in front of her kids. This girl is nothing but a lying piece of trash chasing men and selling herself for meth. My boyfriend of over 2 years started cheating with her and I kicked him out during their relationship. He went to jail on drug charges he took for her and while he was there she put an order of protection on him claiming he drugged and raped her. He called me after 7 and a half months apart and asked for forgiveness claiming he learned his lesson so I helped him out in jail and took him back when he got out. Now she is back around and I just found out he is cheating with her again and she told him she is selling herself to survive. He says he knows the right thing to do but can’t leave her alone bc he is in love with her so he is once again going to lose an honest, loyal and faithful woman for a dope wh*re. Ladies if you are around the El dorado area beware bc she doesn’t care about a man’s relationship status he will sweet talk her way into their wallet and sleep with them anyway.

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