Sarah Blackmon – Asheville, North Carolina North Carolina


She first slithered her way into my fiancÚs life while they were working together. At first she tried giving him “advice” on our relationship but after awhile she would purposely say stuff to see how he would respond. Caught them sexting once ; gave him a chance for our family to give her up. So when I caught him the second time still talking to her I made him leave. And of course he went running to her (which is exactly what she wanted) . unfortunately for her he realized soon after what a horrible mistake he had made and didn’t want her. Not only did she blow his phone up begging him to talk to her ; but his FAMILYS phones too. So to be immature she decided to make her profile pictures of OUR family dog that she was around in the short amount of time they were around each other. And even though I’ve asked her for my children’s sake (because they loved THEIR dog) she refused to delete them. Just shows how low and petty this girl is.

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