Sarah Boyer – Kingston, New York New York


This home wrecking piece of trash does not care if your man is in a relationship or not she will stop at nothing to destroy the relationship. She goes after men that are taken because her trashy ass can’t get a man of her own she feels the need to take yours. She will pretend to be a sweet shy soft spoken person but it’s all fake she’s a rude disrespectful bitch. She met my friend and her husband last year in 2016. There marriage had it’s issues and they had been living apart for 3 years but were still doing what they could as a married couple. She met my friend’s husband in a BDSM group on facebook and she knew he was married and didn’t care she pursued him anyways. And my friend being the good loving wife she was agreed to meet this slut on Skype in a 3-way chat with her husband per her husbands request after he had been secretly talking with her for weeks but his wife didn’t know until later after he tricked her into agreeing to let him “prospect” this bitch as his submissive. That’s when she really started sinking her claws into him trying to take my friend’s husband away. She would disrespect my friend and act like her husband was with her. It broke my friends heart as she had been with this man for 10 years. He was her life her everything. And whenever my friend would tell her husband what she was doing even showed him hard screen shot proof of her actions he would take the side of this heartless evil bitch and tear his wife down and accuse her of trying to destroy his happiness. She kept dealing with this until early November 2016 when this bitch in not so many words told her to off herself so her and my friend’s husband could be happy together my friends husband told her the same thing. My friend had a breakdown and neither of them didn’t care they just kept tearing her down. And this bitch even torn her down and disrespected her in public on facebook. It all came to a head when a few days before her trip to see her husband which this bitch hated so she turned the heat up to ruin that. My friend told her husband to choose her or the bitch he begged his wife to not leave him to come on her trip only after he wouldn’t cut contact with this bitch so his wife told him “i want a divorce” that is when he begged her to come see him and that he would control her and put her in her place. This bitch the next day started fucking with my friend in this Facebook BDSM group all three were in together. My friend took screen shots and sent it to him and told him it was over. Her husband instead of choosing his wife he chose this bitch and kicked his wife from the group. He chose this nasty trash over his loyal beautiful loving wife. But yet he wouldn’t let his wife go despite he drove from Pa to new jersey and fucked this nasty bitch the day his wife was to fly into Philly and fucked her on his 5 year wedding anniversary to his wife. His wife filed for divorce. He has for months been begging her back and at the same time this bitch got him to abandon his almost 90 year grandmother for the month of December to come live with her in jersey and nearly drank himself to death and this man is diabetic but she didn’t care and she is supposedly a nurse. He flew his best friend out during the month of December and this bitch was playing head games with this mans friend trying to get with him and my friend’s husband both she was using my friends husbands friend to make my friend feel less threatened if she was with her husbands best friend that she wasn’t trying to take my friend’s husband. She has sent texts to my friend fucking with my friend trying to destroy her emotional state bad mouthing her and flaunting photos of her and my friends husband together on social media sites. My friend has told her husband and he has removed the stuff and has repeatedly promised my friend it wouldn’t happen again and this bitch goes behind his back putting the stuff back up. Her husband even admitted that this woman is not a good person that she is evil and that he wants his marriage with his wife more than anything. But yet this bitch continues her crap. She has even abandoned her children to move from new jersey to pa She’s also a severe alcoholic and even lets her 18 year old drink, she drives drunk. She is a money grubbing two faced bitch. She will play nice to your face but talks shit behind your back and she has even gotten her friends to stalk and harass my friend on Facebook and another site my friend is on. So ladies beware of this evil bitch. She will stop at nothing to destroy what you have and she will especially go after your man with no limits if you have a very deep love and connection with your man she wants what you have. She is a horrible person.

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