Sarah Davis – Elizabeth, Colorado Colorado


Sarah Davis told me (x husband) to go to Idaho to get a house and work where her family was. When I went she started sleeping with Daughters best friends father who was also married. Then decided to divorce me after I found out saying she only did it because she assumed that I was doing it first, which I never did. But also maxed out child support trying to make it so I could not keep a place to live making me homeless for 4 years while still working. Also has tried to take me to court several times to get even more money over the maximum support %. I literally get $400 net a month to pay everything. She pays no rent lives in parents house has a car and cell phone bill basically. Kids constantly call me needing things like a heater for their room. This lady is a piece of crap in my eyes. If you come across her she will seem very nice but if you have something she wants you are screwed. My life and my kids lives have been utterly ruined. My kids want to live with me and she has figured out every way to keep them with her. She only cares about herself. I will never stop trying to get my kids…

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