Sarah Elizabeth Waggle – Bloomington, Indiana Indiana


Her name is Sarah Elizabeth Waggle. She likes to drop her last name on social media to just Sarah Elizabeth. She’s a lying, manipulating, POS who even told us she cheated on her husband for years even living with the guy while she was still married. || She was my neighbor who was married with two young children of her own. I was and still am married for 15 years at the point she entered our lives and had two boys ages 12 & 10. She pretended to be my friend and called me her best friend. She would come over to our house and tell us about how she hated her husband and how he would mistreat her physically and mentally. All the while she just found out she had ovarian cancer that she just couldn’t tell her husband because he would be unsupportive, so she said. Also she couldn’t tell anybody in her family either, they were all crazy according to her. Poor her… I thought… and that’s exactly what she was looking for. Attention and pity. I wouldn’t find out until after I figured out what was going on between her and my husband that she was also a compulsive liar and never had any kind of cancer!!! She would hangout at our house or sometimes I would go over to her house. My husband was going thru a midlife crisis and I didn’t like him much at the time so I would vent to her. I would also tell her it was just a rut we were in and that we’d have to work on it. I never implied to her that I didn’t want to be with him or that I didn’t love him. Ever. Little did I know she was busy convincing him that I didn’t love him the way that she did and she could among all sorts of lies she made up about me. She told us she was going to file for divorce from her abusive husband and move away to another state and even had plans to go check out some houses in RI and said her brother was going with her. Then suddenly he backed out and she needed a contractor to help her make sure the houses she looked at were structurally sound she told me. I offered up my husband to go with her. Stupid I know but that’s how confident I was in our marriage. This was actually a plan they concocted together and manipulated me into agreeing to it. About a month after this is when my husband all of sudden wasn’t happy with me and was telling my son’s behind my back that he wanted to divorce me. He was also telling his family a bunch of BS about me to help himself look better in the long run. He did leave for a few days but I was beside myself and convinced him to come back and work on us. About 2 weeks after he came back, I just had this feeling something wasn’t right with him and I started to think something might be going on with him and my neighbor/friend. And one night I started looking thru his phone and figured out that I was right! Of course I absolutely lost my mind and immediately confronted him telling him to get out of our house. I also called his dad who was in Florida at the time, quickly hearing that he knew!! His dad and his sister both knew. (His sister and I were very close). I was absolutely crushed by everything I had learned. He also has a female cousin that befriended his ugly ass mistress on FB and to this day are FB friends and after everything came out tried to reach out to my husband again thru her. Needless to say we don’t speak to her anymore. Anyway, He left for awhile and she was sure to fill his head telling him I would never forgive him if he decided to try to come back to me. I always said I would divorce if he cheated on me so I was going to file immediately so I made an appointment with a divorce attorney and told him to expect the papers. After several days and a whole hell of a lot of turmoil he suddenly has a epiphany and he wanted come back to me after realizing what he had done and also realizing who he was cheating on me with for 4 months was a disgusting HOMEWRECKER and just a sad excuse for a human being. He promised to be the absolute best husband he could be and Dad to our boys, saying he would spend the rest of his life making it up to me. So we put our house up for sale and finally sold it and got the hell away from that psycho. It definitely hasn’t been easy but we’ve went thru some counseling and I went by myself as well for awhile. It’s now been almost two years ago and we recently moved to another state. She and her husband also moved away, together. They never divorced either. Not that I give a sh*t but she was such a liar I can’t believe I was so deceived by her and my husband and that I was so blind to it for four months. Anyway my husband and I have been working on us ever since. He is in fact doing everything he can to show me that he is sorry and that he does love me and wants to be with me forever. It is still really hard for me to except what he says but I do feel like it is genuine. She’s miserable, looking for anyone to give her attention, hope she never gets a chance to WRECK another family HOME.

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