Sarah Kurz – Fenton Missouri Missouri


Goes after married men, says whatever to get what she wants. Destroyed my marriage and my sons. any men that show interest in her she will go for. Sarah Likes the attention. Uses to her needs. F**ks in her car anytime shes away from her boyfriend Michael. Shes been cheating on him for almost 3 years now. He doesnt know she has been cheating so she will continue to cheat cuz she hast been caught by him. Then cuts the men off after shes down using and moves to the next. Sarah moved to cuba. Probably f**king all the time behind her bf back now. Cuz they dont live together. But doing the long distance thing.. Sarah, doesnt care about u. She a selfish, slut. Found these on my ex husbands phone. Also found hundreds of more naughty pics and thousands of sexts and texts from her to my ex husband. Sarah destroyed my family and friends.

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