Sarah Lynn – Norwalk, Ohio Ohio


Watch out for this tramp Sarah Lynn. She’ll sleep with anything on two legs, and she doesn’t mind if he has a ring on his finger. She sleeps with married men, specializes in sexual favors to help her kids out in sports and even has sex with her father’s friend. She got fired from her last job for lying and banging her coworkers’ boyfriends. It certainly made for a bad working environment. She said since they weren’t married, both guys were free game. She was after one married guy, but he told her to piss off and be respectful to herself and his marriage, so she went to his kid’s school and complained about anything and everything, and finally made up some frivolous story and got this this child in trouble. This is a woman that bullies innocent kids. Since this nasty hog is not allowed to care for patients anymore (whole other story) she finally got a different job, she has already banged 2 coworkers and the husband/boyfriend of another. Her best friend told me she was turning over a new leaf and was going to make herself a better person and find her a nice man to take care of her. She even said she only slept with 6 guys so far this year and only 2 of them were married. (I was told this in early March 2017). 6 guys in a little over 2 months is slowing down to her. And the guy she found to take care of her was her baby daddy. She said he even bought them a house away from Castalia so she can start new. What a dummy. She wants his money and everyone else’s sex. Well he must be okay with her fooling around with some guys from Milan and Mansfield, OH, because her long hours at work, aren’t being spent at work.

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