Sarah Pool – Parker, Arizona Arizona


I became aware of Sarah Marie Pool about 3 years ago when I met my now husband. She was dating a coworker who had recently met her. Everyone in town knows of her. She is a well known drug user, who sleeps around town. She has slept with a majority of the police department trying to gain some sort of ammunity from any kind of trouble. She is known to secretly take photos, and videos of her acts and blackmail and post to social media in order to get her way. She has multiple children with multiple men who all have custody. She has lost custody to all of her children. She is the description of white trash. I caught her sleeping around with my husband. Telling him she loved him etc. Telling him to divorce me, and leave me. Even knowing I was 7 months pregnant at the time. When he told her it was a mistake she freaked out and told him she’d kill our baby, and threatend him that she’d tell people he sexually assulted her etc. My husband was forced to quit his job in order to get away from her. She doesn’t care who’s life she ruins. She will sleep with anyone as long as she has something to personally gain from it. Wether it’s law Enforcement or her drug dealers. She is ghetto white trash. She looks it and acts it. Keep away from her, and deff don’t let your husbands near her.

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