Satin Youth Oaks Pennsylvania


Complaint: I ordered the products satin youth off of an aden online. It was for a small shipping fee. U received the product but it was nothing out of ordinary. I cancelled because the product was not doing as said. I was promised a full credit if $89.95 and $99.95. I cancelled on 20th of March. I received a letter via mail on the 25th of March from an attorneys office. When I called the number, it was for the satin youth which I had cancelled. They had supposedly returned it over to a collection department. The attorney’s office wanted me to pay the collection part, saying they would take partial as full payment. (100.00) is what they wanted me to pay. I told them I wasn’t paying nothing. They were real ugly and argued with me that that I refused to pay my bills. They were stating that I was a deadbeat. My credit score is in the excellent range. Go figure. I quickly got off the phone with the attorney with no payment of them. On the 3rd of April, I checked my account and credit not issued. I called again. They promised a credit overnight. I called the next morning when credit not found. I asked for a supervisor. A supposedly supervisor came to phone. He showed that credit to be ussed 7 to 10 days. I got ugly with him and he stammered. Then the next statement was ‘The credit was to be issued in 5 to 10 days ‘ I heard people laughing in the background. Not a place of business. I told him that I didn’t think this was a place of business. He kept on repeating that my credit eill be ussed 5 to 10 days. We will see. Will keep you updated.

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Address: 1812 W Sunset Blvd#34 St George, Utah USA


Phone: 855-337-5679

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