Saul Williams – Shreveport, Lousiana Louisiana


I met this man from a dating website. He introduced himself as Derrick (which ended up being a lie) his real name is Saul Williams. He was working in areas around where I live building cell towers. We started seeing each other on a regular basis. He would come to my home several nights a week and during the day he would text me constantly. He would go home ton Shreveport, La because he said he got his daughter on the weekends, as a mom myself I respected that. He still kept in touch on weekends. Several months in something seemed to be a little off and my best friend and I decided to do some investigation. We were in Atlanta for the weekend and looked up the photographer of one of the photos he had sent me of him and his daughter. Needless to say we discovered not only did he have a daughter but also a pregnant wife. I ended things immediately. I drove home from Atlanta and low and behold who is at my house, HIM, wanting to talk and begging me to not let it end like this. I have to admit I was so confused because I had developed feelings for this man and my kids loved him. I was weak very BRIEFLY. I then ended it for good. Over a year goes by and I out of the blue get a message from his wife. I was honest about everything. I understand she is upset and hurt but come to find out I wasn’t the only girl he had been messing around with but his wife decides to start a smear campaign against me. Not once taking into account her husband created the web of lies that started it all. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. My teenager found my info and even politely asking for it to be taken down it wasn’t. So here he is in all his glory. I can only assume he is still a master manipulator and liar so be forewarned.

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