Saver Express/Island Dreams Baltimore Maryland Review


Saver Express/ Island Rays power point highlighted and promised fabulous bargain on luxury hotels, cruises, resorts, etc. After joining to the tune of $5000, I went to the web site and found prices higher than the Internet. When I called a concierge, I was told they could get access to “Secret”” websites and thus be able to save me money. I booked a hotel though them and had to pay the price upfront (no real savings) and was told that I would get rebate later. This rebate system was NOT discussed in the presentation. I tried again to book a car with them. One company they gave me as a “”bargain”” was a secret company. I could not find out the name until I paid my deposit. The second bargain was Hertz a mere 10 dollar savings per week. I feel that I was tricked into joining this club due the lack of truth in advertising. Because of the lack of truth on their part I want to be released from this contract and have my money refunded.”

Miami, Florida USA


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