Scam by 424-248-9727


Did not send the keys after I paid the money


My Complaint: I was in contact with Mr. McConico for over two weeks inregrads to a rental property at 5995 Laguna Ranch Circle in Sacramento, CA. We kept in contact every day as he assured me after i filled out the rental application that him and his family would have loved for me and my family to rent his property. the agreement we had was for me to send him $600 on the 3rd of December and the other $600 around the 26th of December to total $1200. On December third i sent him $520 of the $600 that i was suppose to send in agreement that he would send the keys. After he recieved the money he stated that he had now had concerns about sending the keys and wanted me to send $300 more then he would send the keys. I told him I had no more money to send him and he just kept insisting i send him more money. When i told him i had no more money to send him and asked for my money back he stop responding to me. I have not heard anything for him since. I am still sending him emails and texts through the phone asking him for my money back but im still getting no response nor have i received any keys yet.


My Demand: Full money back

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