Alignment wellness center Culpepper Virginia Review


I want to this doctors office thinking I was going to get the vest care ever and I have never met any of the rudest people in my entire life.not only was I treated like a piece of trash by these people but I was also talk to like I was trash .I’ve had an alternative between taking methadone or oxy cotton 40 milligrams in which the methadone interacts with xanax and could kill me so I did... Houston Texas Review


What a lousy service, back in August I paid for 3 tickets to travel to Guatemala, 356.00 each, I confused the last name of one of them instead of delacruz, I wrote Chacon she never paid attention got to the airport, United did not issue a ticket because of the mistake she paid another ticket cost 700.00 only one way, in Guatemala I tried to used the other ticket no way Jose they dinied and we...

the starving artist group springfield gardens New York Review


Don’t be fooled by the traveling ‘rip off’ road show by a company called the Starving Artists Group, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, and owned by D. James Stringer (aka DJ Stringer or Jim Stringer) and Gildete Stringer. When this fly-by-night outfit comes to town, it bombards local television stations with slick ads offering “original oil paintings”” for $59.00...

Toro Brooklyn New York Review


I bought a TORO Easy Start lawn mover on 06/18/2012. I may have used it less than 1hour all together. It stopped starting. I took it to a Toro Dealer for repair. They charged me 92 dollars for a mower I may have used less than one hour. According to the dealer, dirt got into the carbarater and he had to clean it. This is supposed to be considered a maintenance. Remember, this is a lawn mover I...

Golf Channel Addison Texas Review


I don’t know what is going on at the GOLF CHANNEL… but the MASTERS TOURNAMENT is underway and they are not showing anyone playing golf. What’s up with all the boring, mundane, stupid talk… they are the premier cable channel DEDICATED TO GOLF, yet they have the TOP TOURNAMENT that defines the game and they are not showing players in the start of the tournament. They need to...

Peter Nguyen California Review


The Law Office of Felicia Donovan is here by filing suit againt Peter Nguyen who also goes by the name of Peter Natural on Model Mayhem.This photographer contacted my client Vanessa to do a photo-shoot at Wills Rodgers Beach. Never once in any of his emails or texts to Vanessa did he ever tell her anything about meeting after the shoot at his studio in Pasadena for her to pick out the pictures...

Is Michael Marchese a Scammer?


Preliminary Investigation A community member has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive dossier on Michael Marchese. This webpage will, therefore, help in consolidating all information with which you can draw logical and valid inferences and conclusions. Who is Michael Marchese? FYI, Michael Marchese is associated with...

rosegal pleasant gap Pennsylvania Review


I made my order over a month a go and received nothing. Yet they took my money. I can’t get a hold of the company. The number they listed is not there’s. They also say free shipping but my bank statement shows they charged for international shipping.
Internet USA
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Villa Del Palmar Hlwd Florida Review


I was in Cancun for a week at Villa Del Palmar in Mexico. The presentation was high pressure but I managed to walk out 4 hrs later and asked for time to think it over. My friend and I were to buy in and share the 2 weeks every other yr. The one rep Victor told us we’d pay maintenance for the club points only $410 every other year. The day we were signing the contract, 5 days later we hear...

Hills Well Drilling Wilmington North Carolina


Complaint: I contracted Hills Well Drilling Company in July 2011 to drill a shallow well for irrigation purposes. Randy Hill was to complete the installation, hook up and electrical wiring to the irrigation system. He never completed the job, even though he was paid in full. There are live wires lying on the ground, as well as in the pump house where water is dripping due to the pipes not being...