scamming company that lives on other peoples money


My name is Daisy and Iím a 34-year-old bartender. I got a call from Mark Bishop from CTI tellng me to invest in S&P futures with his company. I had no knowledge abt subject n he explained. He said that they would provide a trading system for $6000 and open an acc with a broker and start by investing $2,500.

He said they would take care of everything and all Iíd do was invest. He said it was fool-proof and I could get a refund if acc dint make profit at the end of a year. Sounded good to me and the profits he said would be around 6-10%.

Within no time my acc was open and I strtd trading in their sys. The broker they referred refused to trade for the company and I had to change him which cost me nearly $50. I would check my acc weekly and trade but things seem to go down no matter what. I checked with the broker and spoke to an CSR of CTI and she said it was nothing out of blue, things do go south but things will change soon.

Month after month there was no change, my investments were fast decreasing. None of the trades that were being made seem to be profitable n I called Mark Bishop to ask what going on, n he says things r down but will be up soon. He reassures that he has seen worse market trends that did make profit in a couple of monthsí time. Iím hopeful that things will turn around and they and keep track whenever possible. I get a call from my broker that Iím short of funds for any trade and need to invest more money if I want to trade. Since it was nearly 12-months and I call Mark again telling him Iím tired of losing money and Iím unhappy with their work and want to close my account.

Mark Bishop turned out to be a skunk and he tells me that Iím not eligible for refund coz I did make profit according to them. They show me some trades and say I made profit and that I will have to wait one more month to apply for refund as there was a one month free with the 12-month investment. I decide to wait a month and since there was no improvement in my investment, in fact I didnít trade at all the last month, I call Mark Bishop and ask for refund. this time too he tells me Iím not eligible cause I had to file for refund within the first 12-months. WTF. I had u fucker, u told me to wait one more month, I told u last month that I want out. Now u give me this shit???

The suckers at CTI donít accept my explanation, they keep telling me that I should have reported last month. I try someone senior to plead my case but the same happens, they just donít want to refund. they give a whole lot of excuses not to refund. I lost $6,000 plus $2,500 and another $50 on a broker, which I could have used elsewhere. CTI n Mark Bishop r bastards, they cheat ppl and flee with their money, stay away from them.

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