Gulbarga Indiana


Complaint: Hi, Alan Jones, Scamwarner, is a Fraud, They put anyone in their list as scammer without knowing the truth or verifying before posting anyone a scammer. Even if they dont have any victim or a single complaint. When you contact them to remove their false post, they would’t listen to it even if you send authorised documents to them, they call the documets are fake without seeing it. If you doing online marketing of your business then you are a scammer!!! This whole community is sick. They do anything to anyone for fame & money, I offered them personally to come office and verify us. They ignored it. they know i am not scammer but they would not remove the post just because of their fake reputation or they may want some money to be offered by my side, which i can’t do for the bloody fraudisters. This kind of people should’t be in the business , file report against them.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA



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