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Complaint: When I was first hired at SCFoster I was told that I would be paid every two weeks (Thats not the case. Its the 15th and the 30th of each month) and I didnt receive my first paycheck until 5 weeks after I started. Also Rob Price said that the hours were from 8:45-5 but then changed to 8-5 with a mandatory hour deducted everyday whether you take a lunch or not. If you are a recruiter, you know that we never take a lunch and find ourselves eating at our desks almost every day. So in a sense, at SCFoster you are working every day for 9 hours and getting paid for 8. Rob Price and Scott Foster watch that you arrive not a second late or early to work and if you are, they will act like little school girls running into each others offices to talk about you. Thats another Con, they talk about you all the time and treat you like crap. Once I had a conversation with another employee and Rob and he wouldn’t even look at me!…or the time I was walking into the office and said “hi”” to Rob Price as I passed him and he didn’t acknowledge that I existed! Their little whipping boy Ryan Fillian will talk about you to Rob Price and Scott Foster about everything you tell him. Personal or not. Once I told him about something personal going on in my life while we were in the break room and he told Rob Price so fast. Then I was labeled in the office as having drama!! WTF! Also Rob Price and Scott Foster will fire you after a month without cause or proper documentation so fast for what just seems like they are in a bad mood. In the time I worked at SCFoster (3Months) I saw 6 recruiters get fired and most of them were only there for about a month. And these were experienced recruiters! Here is my favorite Con of All…SCFOSTER HAS NO CANDADITE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM! Reason: they think its a waste of money! If you are a recruiter

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Address: I know what you are thinking “”How are you able to recruit effectively? Track your work?””…the answer is “”you cant””. I almost forgot that SCFoster is stealing resumes from Careerbuilder to upload to their own database called HappyHires and selling them to other recruiting agencies. Thats right

Website: but the way youre heading…you can’t retain any decent person with common sense and I can sleep at night knowing that I’m no longer employed in that circus of a company. Soon you wont have any employees so you might want to get your resume ready. The mall is always hiring sales goons like you!”

Phone: the resumes on HappyHires are taken directly from Careerbuilder and Careerbuilder has NO IDEA. We are told at SCFoster to download as many resumes in our searches and put them all in HappyHires and these people have no idea that their resume is being put there. I have been recruiting for 5 years and have never worked in such a horrible place. Yes they will promise you the moon and the stars in your interview and tell you that you can work from home. Don’t expect to get paid on your placement commissions and if you do they will most likely change the salary and commissions so that you dont get paid. If one of your placements fall off billing after the quarter is over

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