Scheidler Roofing Missouri City Texas Review


This man is a coward masquerading as a competent business man. He makes promises, eagerly and geedily takes money, doesn’t follow through with the job and doesn’t return calls. He has had many names for businesses and for himself. He has arrest records in Chippewa county (WI) for forgery and was a repeat offender mandated by the court for psych- treatment (Public Records). His girlfriend Melissa and 1 of his brothers (he passed away so I will not mention his name- Dios sea con el) was arrested in Florida, while they were all living together, for burglary and distribution of cocaine. (Public Record) He has had companies in WI, La, Florida, Miss., and Texas (those I have paperwork to back up) and they have all FAILED!!! He takes peoples money, has no remorse, and moves on. He created his current website through Aug 24th 2009. His new number, changed 3 times since June 2009, is 281-788-3800. He has stated his buisness addresses as 6022 W. Bellfort, 9125 Airport Blvd. #101 and 6820 Conley, all in Houston and all were not true. The vehicles that are “company”” are not registered to him and he has not made millions. He wrote his own press release stating that an office was opening in El Paso and gave it to the paper

no address or number listed for the company. He is not listed with BBB

any roofing associations nor contractor associations. He says he is bonded but no bonding company I have found has him on the books.Mr. Scheidler

you must be an embarassment to you 3 sisters and brother and their families. I am sure your step father and mother would not be proud and your father

I know

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