Schooner’s Peoria Heights Review


On 12/13/2019, I asked Schooner’s manager, Brad Gebhards, if I could purchase a $50.00 gift certificate. | The family business he represented does business under the name of “Schooner’s” and is located in Peoria/Peoria Heights, Illinois. The owner’s name is Greg Gebhards and I cannot confirm nor deny if he was or was not present at the time of the purchase. | The manager I mentioned, Brad Gebhards, is part of the business in name only and does not represent any part or parcel of ownership. I advised Brad that I live approximately 90 miles from the business and their process of picking up the gift certificate was not an option. | On 12/15/2019, the purchase posted to my credit card. The gift certificate was to be an anonymous Christmas gift for a friend who lives very close to the restaurant. I provided the recipient’s first name to Mr. Gebhards when at that time he said “I know him!” Brad then said he would physically take the certificate to the recipient’s home. | I checked in with Brad Gebhards on a daily basis and even provided my cellphone number so he could either call or text with status on delivery of the gift certificate. The certificate was to be a surprise for the recipient from “The Santas.” | Mr. Brad Gebhards did nothing but blow me off day after day with continuous excuses. I had to contact the recipient and spoil the surprise by letting him know that Brad told me he would deliver the certificate himself. The recipient made mention that he knew Brad from introducing himself to him on one occasion. | During the weekend of 12/13/2019, Brad advised me that he would be out of town and unable to deliver the gift certificate. I expressed that I understood that he would not be available. | Fast forward to 12/22/2019. I called Schooner’s yet again and spoke with Brad Gebhards. I asked if he took the certificate to my friends house. Brad said no; but, mentioned that he had to take his kids home and would swing by my friends house. I asked how long it would take for him to accomplish this. He said “fifteen minutes.” | I called my friend back and told him Brad would be by in 15 to 20 minutes. I told him that I advised Brad that my friend was ready to go to bed because he had been out of town working all day. My friend asked if the certificate could be mailed to put an end to all of this. When I asked Brad if he could mail the certificate, my request fell on deaf ears. So deaf in fact, that I received no response from Brad at all. | My friend sat outside in the cold and waited half an hour. No one showed up. That was the last time I spoke with Brad Gebhards. I tried calling Schooner’s multiple times on 12/24/2019. The phone was busy everytime I called. Eventually the phone rang. And rang. And rang. It was apparent that they busied out the phone line until they closed for the night. | Since payment to posted under the name of “Schooner’s” on 12/15/2019, I filed a dispute with my credit card company on 12/24/2019 for “goods not received.” | Well, today is Christmas Day. No gift for my friend who was so excited because he is on a very limited income and food is often bought at the local dollar store or the $0.99 menu at the nearby McDonald’s. My friend is unable to drive because of a vision problem. That was why I chose Schooner’s. It is within walking distance. My friend has eaten at Schooner’s in the past and enjoyed their food. | I am ashamed that a place I had faith in didn’t follow through. I am frustrated that the entire process forced me to disclose a surprise Christmas gift. I will never do business with Schooner’s in both Peoria Heights, Illinois or Bloomington, Illinois. | They were given more than adequate time to complete a simple task. They didn’t waste any time charging my credit card. I do not believe that owner Greg Gebhards will appreciate this issue either. | Currently, my family is worried that our friend may be a victim of repercussions regarding my posting of this truthful account.


  • Name: Schooner’s Peoria Heights
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Peoria Heights
  • Address: 730 E War Memorial Dr
  • Phone: 1 309-686-9895
  • Website:

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