Schumacher Cargo Logistics Review


Schumacker cargo logisitcs were used by neptune international to ship our trailer with a partly restored 1955 oldsmobile and household goods from l.A. Usa to brisbane australia. When my husband purchased and paid for the shipping he requested and was given insurance for the total goods for the sum of $40,000. * this insurance was taken out by him at the time of payment to the removalist involved, in july 2007!!! However later, we discovered on the insurance papers sent to us that only the oldsmobile was actually insured and the actual date of the insurance was moved from july 2007… To 1st october 2007, stating that sailing date was 29th september 2007. * why, would the client deliver the goods to the schumacker warehouse at paramount l.A. On the 6th august 2007 and leave it there without insurance??? *why… Would a client take insurance coverage for a valuable item, after the proposed sailing date which we were informed would be the 8th august 2007??? The name of the insurance company given was pac global insurance. On late receivership of goods and after being charged an addition charge of $7,500 before we could take possession, we finally got them in damaged condition. The oldsmobile was my husbands pride and joy and he had spent hours of time and thousands of dollars restoring this car. Not wishing to sell it he decided to have it shipped to australia. I had taken some photos of the restoration work prior the shipping. I also took photos of what we received when our trailer was opened and we got our first sight of the oldsmobile. It had been carefully packed, and tied down with a dust cover to protect before sailing. On receivership the cover had been removed and a jack thrown on the trunk lid. There was further scratches all over the restored paint work. Applying to pac global insurance for the $3,080 aud to cover damage repair costs we were sent an email from pac global ins through the manager of schumacher cargo logistics notifying us they were pleased to inform us that our compensation offer was to be $680.42 usd. It would appear that schumacher own the insurance company they use. How do these crooks get away with using and abusing their clients??? Do these people make their own laws??? And how does the consumer get any help to obtain a decent compensation claim???

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