Scope of Work, Inc. Review


My friendly advice to potential customers: avoid this handyman business like hell. “Scope of Work, Inc.” and its proprietor and sole worker, Mr. Remzo Music, have ruined our once-beautiful home. I’ve been even thinking to sue this business for all the damages inflicted on our property. But my lawyer, who is also my friend, is discouraging me, as a lawsuit against this tiny business won’t be worth my time and efforts. | My wife could finally get pregnant after six years of trying. I thought I would give her a nice new kitchen and a cute infant’s room as a present. I contacted “Scope of Work, Inc.”, as their website looked decent. The person came for estimation, Mr. Remzo Music, had a long dirty hair and a thick European accent; and he had a shady hard-to-pinpoint demeanor (Alarm #1). But his pricing was somewhat lower than other contractors (Alarm #2). My wife and I stayed at my parents’ house while Mr. Remzo Music was working on our home. The result was almost shocking: the shape and the material were totally different from the original plan and the smell was horrible. My pregnant wife immediately became tearful upon looking at the harm done on our house. (She is usually a strong woman.) My parents were there: they also seemed flabbergasted, but they told us something like “It looks OK” to console my wife. When we complained to Mr. Music, he told us that he would fix it at a lower cost; but there was no way for us to allow this man to work on our home again and pay him an additional cost. This event has been so traumatic to my wife that we now are thinking to sell our cherished home (after fixing this serious problem) and buy a new home. | This shady, criminally incompetent business “Scope of Work, Inc.” might resurface under a new title. So, please be wary.


  • Name: Scope of Work, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Schaumburg
  • Address: 94 Long Ave
  • Phone: 630-891-9225
  • Website:

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