Scorpion Legal Protection Complaint


After being unfairly dismissed from my previous employer, I approached Scorpion Legal for assistance who advised me to report the matter to the CCMA, as this was infact a unlawful dismissal. My “appointed legal representative” assisted me to complete all relevant documentation in order to register the matter with the CCMA after which I felt comfortable to leave the matter in their capable hands on his request which was a BIG mistake. I had attempted to follow the matter up with them as I never received any feedback from Scorpion and had left messages for almost everybody to call me back, which included the Complaints Department Manager to Maintenance and Cleaning Services, with NO response. I was failry shocked to learn that my documents were NEVER submitted by the Scorpion Representative and only after I had physically driven through to their offices in Roodepoort, was my documents submitted, but the matter thrown out at the CCMA, for being submitted to late. The fact that I pay for a service with Scorpion which I can not access or reap the benefits from is shocking…they are supposed to be the party that stands up for us, the common man when we are mistreated and taken advantage off…The manner in which I was treated by Scorpion makes me wonder if the are not the ones that we need protection from? Should someone from Scorpion grow a pair…they can contact me on: [protected].

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