Scott Hodges – Fort Benning, Georgia Georgia


Watch out this man Scott Hodges was not married but has a 20-year-old girlfriend when he met my mother. She didnít find out until she gave birth to their first child. He had 18 confirmed affairs on my mother by the time she left him. They have four children together that he ignores and complains about paying child support for. He hasnít seen his own children in two years. he was verbally and physically abusive to my mother and eventually was put in jail for beating her. He has caused nonstop pain and everyone he comes in contact with. He has two other children that are currently searching for him for paternity testing so they can claim the cars he is now living in. Fort Benning Georgia or Phoenix city Alabama with a woman who has two boys, ages five and seven, who he lives with and she supports him. He is military And is currently at Fort Benning as a Ranger training instructor. He lies to women and says he is fixed so that he can have unprotected sex with them she also at times has used my five-year-old brothers mall in order to get profiles on sex sites and on tinder so that nobody will look for him.

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