Scott Mcdowell Brooklyn New York Review


On July 8th -9th, Scott McDowell, and his compay Elevated Enternainment Solutions llc held his event in my gallery located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. 1. Check Fraud: We received his compay check for the payment of rental and the check is returned since it is from a closed account. 2. Property Damage: He damaged gallery’s property including walls and floors. He attended his event on July 8th but he did not come on 9th of July. He just disappeared. Our total damage is around 5000 dollars and I am trying to find the best way to finish his scam. I already met with polices twice. Never trust him, do not businss with him. I visitied his twitter and facebook, he is starting anothter scam event. His twitter is and his facebook page is Please respond this post if you are also his victms, we can find solutions together.

910 Field Street Lakewood, Colorado USA


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