Scott Robinson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Review


Scott Robinson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is NO DIFFERENT than any other LYING, GAME PLAYING dealership that you would experience. GOD HELP YOU if you have not done any research and you go here looking for even a REASONABLE deal. I asked this dealer for a quote on a vehicle through Dealers who take referrals from promise edmonds that they will not play car dealer games etc. and or lie to it’s people that they refer to them. They REFUSED to email me a quote by just sending me emails asking for either, more information from me or asking me to call them or some other thing that does not include the hassle free quote that I had asked for, that they promise to provide through edmonds in exchange for the referral. I had to call up to get an answer so I called asked a sales manager that would actually pick up the phone because the guy on my emails I guess does not really exist, can you please just give me the quote that I had asked for through that I was promised? Oh OKAY he says, let me look it up. The inflection in his voice made this clear that I was being a pain in the a*s just for wanting the quote. He was pissed because I was not playing the game where he asked for more of my information or to just come on down and we will talk about it etc. Then he says that his dealership would sell me the car for 64 and some change. I told him that this change could mean hudreds or up to $999 of a difference and could he please be more accurate. Then he finally gave me an exact price. Then he said BUT you can offer something a little lower and I could see what we could do about it. SIGH. I informed him that I just wanted the quote that was promised through edmonds and why is he making this so painful. I was promised a no haggle quote that is the smallest price that his dealership is willing to sell me the car for so I can decide to go to him or someone else. He had said that he made an error and that his dealership will only sell me this call for $40,000 over the MSRP. I said 40 as in 4 – 0? He said yes. I have NEVER heard of a dealership gouging the price of a car to the tune of $40,000.00 OVER the sticker price. The arguably most highly demanded collector car in the world is not even going got that kind of beating! I think that this was basically a way of him telling me to go take a hike if I am not willing to play their lieful dealer games. Then after that I kept getting calls and calls and calls 5 times as of this writing from other sales people at the car dealership trying to sell me the car. On the 3rd person, I asked to be taken off of the call list. They still kept on calling me. I am REGRETFUL That I EVER contacted a Scott Robinson Dealership! .

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