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Specialized Investigations, Inc.P.O. Box 1586Forney, Texas 75126-1586Office: 972/ 564-3433Facsimile: 972/ 564-6953F David Moore Rebecca L. Trotter214-532-1416 Cell 214-537-7367 Cell May 11, 2009 Re: Analysis of Financial Records; Casa Blanca HOA and Scott StreitTo Whom This May Concern: My name is F. David Moore; I am a practicing, licensed financial investigator in Dallas, Texas, as well as, a Certified Fraud Examiner. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration, emphasis in accounting, from St. Edwards University in 1977. Upon graduation I went to work as a Special Agent for the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service. I served in this capacity for approximately four (4) years. Following my employment with the IRS-CID, I went to work for the Dallas County District Attorneys office, Specialized Crime Division as the Chief Financial Investigator. I again worked in this capacity for four (4) years. I have been in private practice for over twenty-two (22) years. I am currently President of Specialized Investigations, Inc. During the past thirty-one (31) years I have analyzed financial records relative to hundreds of investigations in both criminal and civil trials. I have testified as an expert witness for the Federal Government, the State of Texas and countless private practitioners. As you know, on or about April 24, 2009, my firms services were engaged by you, through Farmers Insurance, to examine the relevant records of Casa Blanca Home Owners Association and the personal financial records of your client, Scott Streit. I was asked to ascertain the extent of any liability Mr. Streit may have as a result of his management of the Casa Blanca HOA. My analysis included the examination of every transaction by or for the benefit of the HOA Board with every contractor and sub-contractor for the relevant time period in question. The analysis reconciled every invoice with a corresponding debit or credit item supporting every transaction. As a result of my examination I have found no evidence of fraud on the part of Mr. Streit, no evidence of any intent to commit fraud by Mr. Streit and no evidence of any financial gain by Mr. Streit. To the contrary, my analysis determined that the Casa Blanca HOA owes Mr. Streit in excess of Fifty-five Thousand Dollars ($55,000). It is my opinion, based on my analysis, that any investigation or examination of Mr. Streits management of the Casa Blanca HOA should be resolved in his favor. If there are any questions regarding my analysis and/or the resulting opinion, please contact me.Very truly yours,Specialized Investigations, Inc. /s/F. David MoorePresidentFDM/rlt

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