Sean Earwood is a deceitful lying loser scumbag con artist scammer Nuevo Ca.


Theresa Earwood

31501 Nuevo Rd

nuevo CA 92567-8929
I rarely write a review on a person. when I do it’s for a good reason. I will outline the reason here for everyone.  Sean Earwood bought some stuff from us. Since covid19 we have had issues with shipments from suppliers. The shipping is taking longer. So we got the wrong part from the supplier who is in our town. It’s a 15min drive. 
I took it back and sent the item to Sean. He said he wanted to cancel after I had shipped it. He received it the same day he cancelled. Now is where the issues start. He opened a return for Not As Described which was a blatant lie. He did get what he bought however an an attempt to not pay a restock fee he fucking lied. 
Sean apparently has a big issue with lying. Then this commie cocksucker emails and ”tells” me to call eBay and get his money back, but you see this cocksucking asshole had already messaged eBay and lied to them. So naturally the burden of contacting eBay was on him it clearly said ”awaiting buyers action” I am the seller you dumbfuck. 
My advice to you… Don’t use a computer and buy shit online if you can’t tell the truth you scowling shiteater. 
Your poor wife must be proud. Liberal fuck you! You are the reason the USA is in peril. Your shitty state!  Gavin Newsome is cut from the same cloth. a Pair of dumbfucks. 
Stay off of ebay and the internet asshole!!!!

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