Sears and Roebuck Co Stamford ct Review


I purchase a refrigertor, a range and a dishwasher from Sears on 3/17/00 and to be deliver on 4/9/00. And I get a call on 4/8/00 at 11:45am Telling me my refrigertor can’t be deliver because it got damaged. nNow I have gave my old frig away because I’m thinking I’m going to have my new one the next day now come come to fine out I’m not going to get my new one until 4/17/00 thats more than a week without a frig. nNow on 4/9/00 I send Sears Customer Relations a E mail and I wrote them a letter Now the thing her is they call me on 4/15/00 at 2:45pm asking what can they do I’v been without refrigertor for a week and they are just getting to me. nNow I know why the company is losing customers.They are not on top of things. This how I feel that I’m being Rip off by this company call Sears,Roebuck and Co.

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