Sears Austin Texas Review


Sears has made a mistake on delivering wrong product (refrigerator), then will not fix the problem for long time even after I made several calls to stores and other places Sears made me to call. Because we could not go on long time without a refrigerator, I have let Sears fixed the problem without replacing the unit. When repairman finally came he fixed it but a few small pieces of paint came off. It took a while for them to send me a touch up paint. I was upset but I did not want to make a big issue out of it, so I made a payment in full. I did not receive first statement from Sears at this time. Then I received a statement telling me I am late for a payment. So I called customer dept and paid in full, and a rep told me she will fix the problem and will credit fees and interest charge. Then I received collection notice, so I called collection department and explained all the problems I had. A female rep told me she will fix it. Now after several months Sears still did not credit the account, and reported to credit reporting agencies that I am a late payer. Sears ruined my perfect credit up to now and still refuse to fulfill the original promise to credit my account make balance to $0.00. Specialists now telling me that they will only credit one months fees because I did not responded to them sooner. What a bunch of hog-wash and deceitful liars.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota United States of America



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