Sears/citibank Mastercard moon township Pennsylvania Review


On 02-05-07 I used my sears/citibank card to purchase a three day real estate traning seminar that turned out to be a three day scam by not providing any useful information and only promoting further education at an additional cost.Basically,I paid $995.00 for a three day promotional sales pitch! nWhen I disputed the charge as not being commensurable with services provided I was told that I had three days from the date of purchase to get a refund.Even after explaining that the so called seminar was a month after the date of purchase I was told “to bad”” its a valid charge!!! Its GOOD to know that Sear’s will back me up when I buy a hammer and get a screwdriver or when a wrench breaks the’ll replace it but when I get SCAMED using their card “”TO BAD””. nI Know they can help if they want to (I do have other cards and they been great in the past)but I guess the’ll worry about that when I need to purchase my next $6

000.00 garden tractor or $2

500.00 refrigerator or my next $10.00 screwdriver. nRussellnmoon township

PennsylvaniaU.S.A.” The Lakes, Nevada U.S.A.

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