Sears Denver Colorado Review


Writing as a warning for you to stay FAR FAR AWAY from this Sears or any Sears in general. nI bought a dishwasher there in December. They were offering a deal where you could get either a free install, or 12 months no interest. Well I’m not a big fan of revolving debt so I opted for the free install. nFirst of all the install was NOT free. It was free after mail in rebate, up to $99. Guess how much the install actually costs? $119. Then they somehow charged an additional $55 on to my card, which we NEVER even got a receipt for. So anyhow, I stupidly went through thinking that Sears was competent enough to handle a rebate. I waited 60 days for the rebate, and never received it, so I called the store. They were utterly useless. They told me to go . Nothing like having to write an e-mail to a black hole. So I write them an e-mail asking them where my rebate is, and never receive a reply. So today, I was happy to get my rebate. I open the envelope and see a check for $35. WTF. nSo I talk to the usual powerless manager on duty who says she can’t do anything, but gives me some other useless phone number where I can leave a voice message. Yippee. nSo Sears has my $110 that it did not rightfully earn, but they really lose. I was going to finish out my appliances this spring, but not with them. So that’s at least $5,000 they are missing out on. On top of that, I am recommending that you all NEVER shop Sears. The only thing they care about is making a sale. Hopefully they die out like the horse and buggy soon. nValerienDenver, ColoradoU.S.A.

10785 W Colfax Ave Lakewood, Colorado U.S.A.



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