Sears Home Improvement Family Creedmoor North Carolina Review


In early December, 2009, I was approached by a marketing person at Sears store in Raleigh, NC, who asked me if I wanted to qualify for a $1500 Federal tax credit from the stimulus package. I was told that all I had todo after installing a roof from Sears was to take my bill and some paperwork that Sears would complete to my accountant. After making several calls to verify the info, the roof was installed. When I asked about the necessary pp work, I was told that several other people were calling in about the tax credit . I was asked, “where did you get that information from about the T.C?”” I was told by Jennifer Pittman that she would investigate the problem. I was later informed by Ms. Pittman in writing that this was just an iunfortunate event that happened beyond the control from Sears and that no roofs qualify for the tax credit

although the internet has the tax credit info on Sears advertising!! I was also informed in the email that the marketing people are not connected to the corporate office and they are not aware of the nuances of using incorrect verbiage with customers in the store

thereby absolving Sears home improvement of any liability and leaving individuals like myself

scammed and cheated!!”

Charlotte, North Carolina United States of America

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