Sears Home Warranty Englewood Cliffs New Jersey Review


I signed up with Sears Home Warranty in December 2015. I had a problem with my faucet. I called & asked if it was covered & was told it was. They gave me a number to call. I called several days & no one answered. Once someone answered & said I’m on a conference call & to call back. When I did, no one answered again. I called Sears back & was told a different service company would call on the following Tuesday. I called on a Thursday & thought they should call back sooneer but ok. Well, on Tuesday, no call, no message, nothing. I am very unhappy so I called to cancel & now was told that if I cancel within the first year that I have to pay for the first service call. I was Never told this. I never received a Welcome Package or contract, nothing. I feel this is very deceptive. I never was told because if I knew I wouldn’t have enrolled. Why should I be penalized if I am unhappy with their service.

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