Sears Niagara ND Review


My wife and I purchased a dryer from Sears in February of 2000. The first year they were nice and honored their service agreement, we set up an appointment time. The service person came out and serviced the dryer. The second year they were not as, let’s say honest. n Sears’s representatives started calling and wanting us to renew our service agreement for another $ 104.00 for two more years. Just as most consumers we have neither the energy, nor the memory we have had in the past. We thought nothing of their calls and told them we had not even finished our first two years yet. They continued to call almost weekly of which they admitted to today. I just got off the phone with them 0938, 19 April 2002; they said they had been trying to reach us since January 2002. n To date we have only received calls for them wanting to extend the service agreement. They said nothing of our dryer needing to be serviced. So, I asked the rep. on the phone about it and she said call 1-800-469-4663 for my area. We called the number and sat on hold for a good 30 minutes. When they finally did answer I was informed that our “agreement”” had run out in February 2002. I told them I had paid for two years of service and I wanted precisely that. The service person said that the agreement had run out. n So I asked to talk with a manager. I again sat with the telephone glued to my ear for another 30 minutes. The manager it turns out is in San Antonio

TX at least 2

000 miles from Grand Forks

North Dakota. If this is what Sears calls personalized service it is even a wonder they are still in business. This manager it turns out will spew all kinds of false truths

if you allow them to go on. The long and short of it went something like this. First of all I was told of a manufactures warranty of only a year. Then I was told my two-year service agreement was only for a year. Though all their calls wanted us to sign up for another two years! “”Another”” implies to me that our first agreement was for two years. We looked it up on our paperwork; guess what it says two years. And yes it did run out in February 2002 I don’t protest that at all! n What we do protest is they have called us relentlessly for the past 4-5 months wanting us to agree to two more years of worthless service. I call it worthless for the simple fact

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