Seattle Coffee Direct Bowling Green Kentucky Review


I am not sure as to how this company gained access to my bank card. In August ’09 a charge in the amount of $79.00 appeared on my statement. I called the company and they insisted that I had “ordered”” their coffee service. I asked them to cancel any service that had been ordered for me. They told me that the first shipment of coffee had already been sent out. The rep that I spoke with told me when I received the shipment to simply send it back and at that time they would credit my account. When I received the shipment I sent it back and after several weeks with me calling almost daily

(when I was able to get through) they finally did indeed credit the amount back to my account. This past Friday

November 27th

I was checking my balance online and noticed that this company had once again charged my account $79.00. I called the company and got a recording that simply stated that all customer service reps were busy and that I needed to call back at a later time. I had to go to my bank

complete forms and basically swear out an affidavit that I did not authorize this company to withdraw funds from my account. Today

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