Selected Skin Care Review


I was in the mall, lured in to the store by a salesperson that stated he “just wanted to give me a free sample of eye cream”…I am not making excuses for buying the products but the so called “owner” of the company first stated his price for the products was $ 7,000.00 but after an hour of me attempting to leave without buying anything, telling him over and over that I could not afford the products, he quietly stated that “for me” he would sell them for $1,500 and then I caved…I got home feeling sick to my stomach because I really could not afford the $1, 500, and decided to go right back to the mall and return them, as none of the packages were opened and were still in the bag. They would not let me return any of the items for a refund. SCAM!!!! Any reputable company would allow returns if not opened or used and even if you had tried the product and weren’t happy with it!! I learned an expensive lesson and hopes this warns others of this company…STAY AWAY!!

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