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Complaint: Any American citizen is entitled one free credit report per year. It is usually administrated by the state one lives in. Althouigh this is law. Not hearsay. Just try and get it online. Go ahead and try. Good luck. The lobiest for companies such as, but not limited to FREE credit report dot com, pay out millions each year to our reperensitives to make certain that when you go to your states website, to request you lawful free credit report, For some reason all you will find is page after page of, you guessed it. These people are anything but free. The law of the land is being broken by denying you your lawful, civil rights to ask for and recieve one truly free credit report per year. To test this. I asked five of my interns where I teach economics to find this ever elusive free credit report. In a total of tow thousand man hours none of us were able to find the afore mentioned site. Contacting your Conbgressman/ Woman will do no good either. They are the ones who pocket the money to keep you from getting your lawfull free credit report once a year. If this is not a blatant violation of your civil rights, I don’t know what is.It is also illeagel. Dont take this sitting down. We elect and pay these representives to uphold the law as it is written. I urge each of you to inundate your congressman, your senators and the fair trade commission to put a stop to what ammounts to theft . But one does not get into these high offices because they are honest, nor to serve the people whom they represent. They get into it to steal. But we have the real power. Take your votes away from them and we just may see a change in our favor. Remember!!! We all have a lawful right to receive one free and accurate credit report each year. Now exercise your rights in mass. I do!!!!!! They don’t dare deny me. They know I have this right. And so do you. K.K. Arah. PhD.

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