Sell My Home Review


Here is a guy who lies about his education to get customers. He lied to me on the phone, and it even says on his website that he has a BS degree in Finance and Real Estate Law. I called that university and they said they don’t have any such degree. They told me they never did have a degree like that, not ever. Then I searched it all over the internet and I can’t find any colleges that offer a degree like that and for sure not a lowly bachelor of science degree of that kind. I caught on because he misled me and told me about this special degree he said he had and made it sound like he was some kind of real estate lawyer and he wasn’t that smart when I talked to him in person. His website says he can do all kinds of stuff that you think you need an attorney to do, and then he says he has this degree that does not even exist. I asked him to help me out with a situation on the phone and he lied and said he knew what to do. After I met him and saw how he doesn’t seem that smart, that’s when I found out about his lies because I didn’t want him to screw things up for me. I talked to him and he is not that intelligent. He is lying to everyone with a made up college degree that doesn;t even exist. There is no such degree at Long Beach where he said he went to school. He’s pretending to have a degree he doesn’t have and he is no lawyer either. | Get a real lawyer and stay away from this liar. His paperwork and website all say that he is some kind of investment and finance guru too, just like his suppposed degree was supposed to show. What is he? A real estate lawyer or a finance expert or what? Ever notice how a con man says he does everything and is so educated so just trust them and hand over the cash when in fact they are idiots? That’s this guy all the way. If you need a lawyer get a real one not an impersonator and if you need a finance guy get a real one who won’t rip you off. If you need a real estate agent get an honest one. This guy is just a liar and the kind of person that probably would rip off a veterans valor, too. I better hide my medals if he tries to come around again. He is lying about his education to rip off people and I think that might be fraud.


  • Name: Sell My Home
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Henderson
  • Address: 2298 Horizon Ridge Parkway Ste 114
  • Phone: 702-623-1001
  • Website:

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