Sellers Playbook Review


My fiancĂ© and I were fooled into attending what was represented as a free training on a Facebook ad. Turned out to be a sales pitch seminar for a 3 day training. We paid the $997 because we were told that it was normally almost 2 thousand dollars., but if we bought right then he could bring me as a free guest. What a joke! We looked at the website and it was impressive. Until I showed the membership to my friend who sells on Amazon already. He was very upset at how much money we paid and said that the products this company was trying to make us purchase from them to sell on Amazon would never sell. He said they were not “well known brands” as we were promised and had a very bad sales rank. They are selling them at higher that Amazon’s lowest prices and requiring that we buy hundreds of them at a time. So if I purchased from Sellers Playbook it would end up costing me a lot of money with very little chance of making any money. We attended the training anyway, hoping to get some value and we had been promised our money back if not happy. They taught us literally almost nothing and spent the whole time trying to get us to spend another $30,000 for their coaching. The coaches seemed to know very little about selling on Amazon either. Apparently this company claims to have relationships with every vendor at ASD in Las Vegas. I find that to be very hard to believe after reading other reports and researching how long they have been in business. I think this is a misrepresentation or a word play. The salesman at the 3 hour seminar did a big show about how the ASD vendors keep a special “price sheet just for Sellers Playbook”. I want to see what the FTC thinks about those claims. Considering this company is less than six months old, it is highly unlikely that they have become that influential. Oh and we did not get our money back. You have to ask for your money back on the end of the first day and we did not realize that. It was awful and we feel duped and ripped off. Do a lot of research. There are a lot of Amazon training courses that can show you their success. These people are great at sales, but seem to have no evidence that they are great at Amazon sales outside of their big claims.


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