Sencible Home Warranty 85029 Arizona Review


To all contractors!!! Sencible Home Warranty using service providers but don’t pay bills. My plumbing company started to work for them over a year ago. The first couple of months they loaded us with work, worked up there unpaid invoices to over $10,000.00 with promises that the check is going to be in the mail, up until today they owe us more than $7,000.00. After several attempts to accounts payable, E-mails and phone calls we got to the point that we are going to do what we should have done at the first place. we are registering a formal complants at the Nevada BBB, Attorney General’s Office and any other places that has authority to overview Sencible Home Warranty Co. and finally make them stop ripping of honest hard working companies and prospecting ithis way. TO ALL CONTRACTORS, REGARDLESS OF TRADES!!! BEWARE OF SENCIBLE HOME WARRANTY CO. Laszlo K**** DBA Laszlos Plumbing (((email redacted)))

1724 E. 12th Str. Brooklyn, New York USA


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