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Complaint: Went to sign up for their service doing everything properly and was denied access allegedly based on an external database of information that claims I am a spammer. Tried calling the company and the woman on the other end of the phone said that they could not tell me how they received the information because of alleged security concerns. Yet, they will not tell me where they received the bogus information defaming me. They have no remediation process not can I speak with someone other than the person who answers the phone. She was nice enough to send an email address to my registered address. I was also told that once the decision was made that it cannot be undone. Their minds are made up, don’t confuse them with facts. I have never sent spam, especially since I have only been doing a newsletter for 5 months. The newsletter has no advertising, thus there is no way I could spam anyone. The website I run doesn’t spam anyone since there is no advertising. I am being defamed by this company using bogus data and they won’t tell where they received it. It’s like the old days in the financial industry when you were denied credit and the companies would not tell you. I would not recommend their service since they are basing their business decisions on bad data. Who knows what other bad decisions that they may be making!

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Phone: 8447442639

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