Seneecah Perez – Phoenix, Arizona Arizona


Seneecah is a good-hearted, innocent person who would never intentionally hurt anybody. That’s what she’ll tell you, and she may even convince you of it….for a while. Seneecah Maria Perez made the conscious CHOICE to destroy 3 families (I know of 3 for a FACT, though in reality probably much, much more). This “good” person is a gold-digger, and she goes after her married coworkers. She spends all of her money at the bars night after night, partying, and then looks for married men to supplement her income. Of course, she doesn’t tell them that; she tells them they are special; she’s never felt this way before; you’ve melted my icy heart; God knew I needed you! That’s right, God. Nothing in sacred to this diseased person… She’s a master manipulator that wants to corrupt anything good she sees. She doesn’t want to build a better life for herself; she wants to take yours. She keeps doing the same things over and over; instead of learning the lesson that you can’t win that way, she just gets more practiced. She knows the right songs to send. She knows all the quotes and memes. She will even propose to him! She’s truly sick. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t like her using his name to destroy what he has blessed. I guess she’ll find out. The sad thing is, I don’t think she knows that she is a bad person. She’s adopted the victim mentality, and she doesn’t actually look at the wreckage she leaves. I guess it’s easy to pretend like you did nothing wrong, and move on if you don’t have to look into the tear-streaked faces of the children, watching as their world falls apart and their safe place is taken from them. Everybody that crosses her path, eventually regrets it. She has no idea how much they regret ever having seen her face. This world would be a better place without people like her in it.

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