Sensible Home Warranty Chesterfield Virginia Review


I signed a 2 year contract with SHW. The last 2 incidents that I called them on the declined the claim. I am strongly stressing that when I originally contacted them I was told that because if the policy I purchased, once I was covered I need not worry about annual maintenance, that everything is covered – period. nWell, that is not the case. My 20 yr old washing machine went in Sept 2011. They sent out a contractor who told me the gear shaft was frozen, that a new washer was in order. I went to Sear and purchased a new one. When I hadn’t heard from SHW I called them and they told me that they would have repaired the old one and offered me $200. I was furious. I needed a washer and it was already installed. Who in their right mind is going to fix a 20 yr old washer??nMy next venture with them was in March 2012. My AC didn’t work and I called. They sent a convicted felon contractor. Now, they say the ‘thoroughly check out their contractors” well

that’s a huge NOT. I found out too late. Stay away from this warranty company. They are thiefs and I feel sorry for anyone who’s supposedly covered by them. I cannot stress enough

stay away from Sensible Home Warranty.”

1344 Disc Dr, Suite 221 Sparks, Nevada United States of America


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