Sephora Complaint


A couple months ago I purchased a 28.00 sample pack of 5 mascaras still being promoted. The staff is big on promotion and shy on follow through. I returned to choose one free mascara from the pack per the offer and was told I could not have it unless I had the coupon in the box. This should have been explained when selling it. I had no idea and previously used my purchase history in Sephora”s system to get the necessary information to take advantage of a promotion. No help was offered. I expressed my disappointment declaring I may rethink purchasing at Sephora at all in the future. The sales associate simply shrugged her shoulders and said she was sorry. That”s not good enough for a 30.00 expenditure. More and more it seems Sephora is big on pushing the sale and slight on supporting those purchases. Unless there is appropriate customer service intervention I”ll make Beauty Brands my new cosmetic haunt.

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